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MS CHAN     10:15, Jan 8,2009  Edit



對不起!那些 e-song 短片都是搜集回來,我們並沒有版權呢!

harwati     16:48, Sep 24,2008  Edit


I like your website, would you tell me how can i download your e-song? because my daughter is very glad to see it.

i can't always on the line.



Thanks for your support! If you really want to download the e-songs, you may try to use some online video or flash download program. e.g. FlashGet

muimui     Website  0:22, Sep 19,2008  Edit

偶而看見你的website. 真感到驚喜.給我好多有用的資料.而且你們還分開2個website記錄她們的成長.真很佩服.她們一定會感受到你對她們的愛.


大女靖兒都很愛看Handy Manny,她經常看Disney Channel呢!

Stella 姨姨     9:39, Jul 3,2008  Edit



QEgg     Website  17:09, Nov 28,2007  Edit

車女愈大愈靚女, 又得意!

我鍾意佢d頭髮, 好型!


貓 貓     11:25, Nov 3,2007  Edit

個 bb 女三個月大o個張好可愛呀 


Julia Philpot   17:42, Jul 31,2007  Edit

Hi Noel and Kevin.  Chelsea looks adorable!  These fantastic pictures are making me broody as I would love to have a little girl!  I wish Chelsea all the happiness in the world!

ReplyWe are so happy for you to visit the web site. Thanks very much for your best wishes! You should have a baby girl when William gets older! I think little William will be happy to have a companion, right? Anyway, please say hello to him from little Chelsea and Cherri.

Clare Ashbee   21:34, Jul 27,2007  Edit

Chelsea is really beautiful, wishing her a happy and prosperous life.  Please keep me updated with her progress, Clare x 

ReplyThanks very much! We'll try our best to get the latest pictures on this site, and we'll surely need to get Chelsea to meet you when you come to HK! Cheers!

Ian Chant   20:54, Jul 26,2007  Edit

Great site - Chelsea looks beautiful.....for your next baby maybe "Watford" would be a nice name. You need to understand English football to get that.

ReplyThanks! It's so great that you pay a visit to the web site. Please visit more often when you have time. Though I know little of English football, I can always ask my husband for guidance. Anyway, I am gaining more appreciation on English football now after Chelsea.

P.S. If I ever had a 3rd baby, I will seriously consider "Watford" - but I guess it needs to be a boy to do so, right?

Chanbibi   12:56, Jul 11,2007  Edit

肥嘟嘟bb, 同我bb時有得揮, 有勁敵呀..............!

ReplyUnlucky she is living in Hong Kong, there is a trend to slim.
Therefore, after birth, the initial action is dieting to lose her fat.
Don't worry, just a joke.Joke

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