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Baby Profile

  • First Name: Chelsea
  • Surname: Yuen
  • Birthday: Tuesday, 22nd May, 2007
  • Days of Birth: 4446
  • Constellation: Gemini
  • Birth Weight: 3.06kg
  • Weight: 10.6kg
  • Height: 72cm
  • Head Circumference: 46cm
  • Lucky Number: 1, 2, 8
  • Lucky Colour: Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Brown

Chelsea, another precious gift to us, was born in early summer 2007, just before the heat wave arrives. Although we are not first time parents, we find this baby girl changes our lives as much as her elder sister did. While we are more familiar in taking physical care of the girl, we are working hard in obtaining the new balance in the family and teaching the girl and her sister how to get along with each other.

A new life is a new hope. This new hope opens up new vision for us and once again, reminds us to become strong in facing new challenges. With this new hope, our lives become even more meaningful.

We are wishing Chelsea happy and good health through this website. My friends, if you want to do the same, please visit this site more frequently and update yourself with the most recent development of this little girl. You can also click to Cherri's site so visitors can get a pretty good update of the Yuen's family and access any useful resources. Hope you find pleasure in this website!


Chelsea's Developmental Milestones

第21st個月Growth of the canine
第19th個月Shake with music and speak couple words
第18th個月Pile up blocks, growth of first Molars, and know some parts of body
第17th個月Growth of the lower jaw lateral incisors and shake hands
第15th個月Calling MaMa and pronounce 'Hello'
第14th個月Turn around and pronounce 'Mo'
第13th個月Walk alone and growth of the upper jaw central incisor
第12th個月Stand alone, growth of the right lower jaw central incisor, cruise round furniture, pointing, and follow commands
第11th個月Growth of the left lower jaw central incisor
第10th個月Clap hands
第9th個月Wave bye-bye
第8th個月Stranger anxiety, pincer grasp and stand with support
第6th個月Sit without support
第2nd個月Head control and social smile
第1st個月Eye to eye contact